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Fusing together the ancient practices of honoring the earth, her energies, and working within her natural flow of power to produce safer, cleaner, more trustworthy and Gaia friendly Smart Technologies and solutions.


What We do and Why we do it.

Our Philosophy

We are, in a nutshell, members of the Technology and I.T. Community that have experienced and awakening of sorts. Suffice to say our focus has shifted to the nature of who and what we are. Our place in the grand design of the cosmos, and on a very real and deeply individual level, each of our unique roles in increasing the collective consciousness and view of emerging technology, and our approach to them / it.

We care. We care about our planet, the direction of our species, and the future of our children and yours. It was, and always will be our "true north". Our company was founded on a desire to serve others in a way that made them feel free and unbound, not chained and burdened. So each day we strive to bring humanity together  with the help of technology (NOT fusing with it. We vehemently oppose transhumanisim in all shapes and forms and cannot stress the treacherous path that lays out for humanity enough).  We are seekers and engineers and those with the sharpest of minds, seeking to bring a deeper more connected view, a vision of what we have always had the greatest potential to be.


Better Home

From Vacuuming to Shopping to watering the yard.  We can unite and simplify these tasks. More time doing the things that are truly important.
Family, Friends, Pets, Sunshine, Time, Money, Love, Light, Freedom.
Stress, management,  "dealing", "coping", operating, waiting, compensating, reacting, darkness, despair, depression.

Better Job

You job should never be something you are hesitant or resentful of. It should be a place full of creativity, productivity, happiness, and success. There is absolutely no reason to stifle who you are and how you grow and succeed. Let us help you in getting focused, getting aligned, and getting back in the ebb and flow of creativity and production.

Better World

Solar, Wind, Water, and soon even newer, more powerful forms of clean and endless energy, resources, and sustainability are on the way if not here already. Help us make a change in the way our planet and people look at "doing business".  Lets stop "reducing the footprint" and get into ERASING some of those footprints., Back to the natural order of all things. We strive for the benefit of all life, and NEVER at the cost of it.

The scientific man does not aim at an immediate result. He does not expect that his advanced ideas will be readily taken up. His work is like that of the planter - for the future. His duty is to lay the foundation for those who are to come, and point the way.

-Nikola Tesla


Main Focus


Smart Safe Technology

“Intelligent Infinity is dedicated to bring a smart, clean, safe future into the world of today. Vetted and extensively researched vendors and partners. The Brightest minds, the most cutting edge tech".


From Eco-Fendly Scooters, Bikes, Motorcycles, Cars, SUV's, and Even Semi's (Thanks Elon!) Nobody is better at Saving the planet while saving your wallet at the same time.


'If the seeker is not teaching what they are leaning, and learning to continue teaching, then they, in the end, have done little good".  Today is not good enough for us, our sights are set on the future and the horizion. Long term change, begins today, and it begins with YOU.


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